Subject Re: double quotes
Author Adam
--- In, "Fernando Salaices"
<fsalaices@...> wrote:
> tried it, didn't work.
> Im using IBOConsole's ISQL to execute my DML's, it seems to convert
> everything to uppercase before executing. What are you using?

Quoting an earlier message in this thread [emphasis added]

"What would be useful is *** if *** the system tables stored a display
name for
an object."

The problem is - they do not.

As you have observed, that means the engine itself converts anything
unquoted to upper case before storing it. (I don't think IBOConsole
would modify the script at all before sending it). It obviously does
this as a way to provide case insensitive object names in queries, but
the downside is that capitalisation information included in the DDL
command is never stored.