Subject Re: double quotes
Author Adam
--- In, "Fernando Salaices"
<fsalaices@...> wrote:
> Yes, I'm using the DBExpress library in Delphi to access the
database and I
> can change the display name of the field. The problem came up
because I'm
> using SimpleDataset (as a table, not a query) component and tried to
use the
> MasterSource property, linking it to another SimpleDataset. The
> dialog does not have any problem associating the key fields I want,
but when
> I try to open the detail dataset I get an exception, it seems that the
> ClientDataset forms the underlaying SQL statements in uppercase only
and it
> cannot find the corresponding field because it's case sensitive.
This does
> not happen if instead of using the ClientDataset as a table I use it
as a
> query. This is how I got arround the problem.
> By the way, does anyone know of a Firebird driver for DBExpress? I'm
> currently using the IB driver.
> Thanks!

No I think you may have misunderstood my point.

The reason it is case sensitive is because you used quotes in your
table identifiers. If you don't use quotes, it is not case sensitive.

The point I was making was that the only reason you even attempted to
use quotes was because you wanted control over how the field name is
displayed. Obviously you could rename it in your DBGrid or
clientdataset or whatever. I was perhaps extending the case past what
you require by suggesting that it would be useful to see a list of
table names capitalised in whatever manner the developer chooses, but
remaining case insensitive (like NTFS does).

md TeSt


all work, but display c:\TeST\>


In a similar way:

CREATE TABLE Employee ....;

select * from EMPLOYEE
select * from employee
select * from EmplOyEE

all work, but if you ask SHOW TABLES, it is returned as 'Employee' not