Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: double quotes
Author Fernando Salaices
Yes, I'm using the DBExpress library in Delphi to access the database and I
can change the display name of the field. The problem came up because I'm
using SimpleDataset (as a table, not a query) component and tried to use the
MasterSource property, linking it to another SimpleDataset. The MasterFields
dialog does not have any problem associating the key fields I want, but when
I try to open the detail dataset I get an exception, it seems that the
ClientDataset forms the underlaying SQL statements in uppercase only and it
cannot find the corresponding field because it's case sensitive. This does
not happen if instead of using the ClientDataset as a table I use it as a
query. This is how I got arround the problem.

By the way, does anyone know of a Firebird driver for DBExpress? I'm
currently using the IB driver.


On 9/21/06, Adam <s3057043@...> wrote:
> > Why do you create the table with double quotes in the first place????
> >
> > Thomas
> It is an understandable reason. When your table names start to
> describe relationships, multiple entity names may be included in the
> table name. As spaces in table names are not practical, capitalising
> the first letter of each word is nearly as useful (readability wise).
> What would be useful is if the system tables stored a display name for
> an object.
> For example:
> 'GEN_ONEOFMYTABLESID', but some display name field could store
> 'GEN_OneOfMyTablesID'
> This would allow existing applications to work without change, but
> would provide the possibility for database explorer tools and client
> connection components to display the name with better capitalisation.
> The above example is a generator, but the same could be done for
> tables, views, fields, stored procedures, parameters, triggers, etc.
> Adam


Fernando Salaices.

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