Subject Re: how to convert fdb database
Author Adam
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> --- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@> wrote:
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> > At 10:41 PM 21/09/2006, you wrote:
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> > >It asks me following data:
> > >PASSWORD - masterkey
> > >ROLE <leave blank>
> > >but i don't have this data for the is not protected by
> > >password..
> >
> > This is server authentication (Firebird is a database server). By
> > the way, the above is the installation default, known to the whole
> > world, so make sure your network is secure.
> >
> > ./heLen
> >
> Thanks for suggestion but I don't know what to say...if I fill the
> fields with those values the following error is arisen:
> Error while trying to open file
> Access denied
> (#0)

Firebird <> Glorified Spreadsheet Desktop Database.

You can not treat a Firebird Database as if it was a word document.
You have a service running on a server machine. Your client
application (in this case Access) uses a connection library (in this
case ODBC) which utilises the Firebird Client library. The client
library talks to the service on the database server and requests the
server to perform actions on behalf of the client application.

In other words, unlike desktop database type engines, your client
application does not directly touch the database file. While your fdb
file may not have a password (whatever that means), you still need to
establish a connection to the Firebird Service, and that requires a
username / password.

If you are using ODBC, have you confirmed that your DSN is working?

The Database edit box should look something like:


(replace localhost with the hostname of the Firebird Database Server.
The path is relative to the database server, not the client. It may
also be an alias if that has been defined in aliases.conf.)

Make sure you try the Test Connection button to ensure that side is right.