Subject Re: Install Firebird
Author Adam
> Firebird 1.5.3
> Delphi 7 Enterprise
> I need to build a Firebird Installer, using Install Shield that comes
> with Delphi, but i need to install server o client version, also
> change DatabaseCachePages and Password.

Step 1: Installing the Firebird Service

Download the Zip distribution of Firebird
Follow the README_Installation.txt in the doc folder

Step 2:

Modify the firebird.conf file to set your new DatabaseCachePages
(re)Start the Firebird Service

Step 3:

Using the services API through whatever Delphi Componentset you are
using (IBX / IBO / UIB / MDO / whatever) change the SYSDBA password to
whatever and add whatever users are required.

If you are developing a single user single process application, then
consider the embedded engine for deployment as it is much easier.

As for the client installer, um, I wouldn't waste your time. There are
only a few dlls required in your application directory, just include
them in your upgrade process.

fbclient.dll and / or gds32.dll