Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slax (slackware based) firebird working until reboot
Author Milan Babuskov
aud_io wrote:
> I can install firebird 1.5.3SS or 2.0rc4SS (both nptl and old threads
> versions) successfully and connect to the example database or
> databases which I create.

Install from what? .tar.gz packages from Firebird website?

> Now, bear with me if you would for a few details. Slax uses unionFS
> to merge filesystems

I don't see how that relates to the problem...?

> In Firebird 1.5.3, I create a /etc/rc.d/init.d
> directory to allow creation of an init file which works to start and
> stop the server after initialization, so all is right in my world at
> this point.

You can do it manually with:

/opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -start -forever

Use -forever if you wish to start guardian as well. Stop with:

/opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -shut -user sysdba -pass masterkey

Something like this should be in those scripts. You can find an example
in Slackware packages for FB1.5 found on

> Firebird doesn't start at boot, and doesn't write to the firebird.log
> I get the can't start message if I invoke the rc.firebird start.

Take a look in rc.firebird (it's a plain text file) and see what is the
command. Copy/paste that to terminal window and see the real error message.

> /etc/inet.d DOES NOT contain any gds server configuration - per the
> scripts - From what I can tell - SS does not use inetd, only CS does -
> is this correct?

Yes. SS is a standalone server, like Apache for example.

> Any ideas?

If all fails, you can always add the following to /etc/rc.d/rc.local:

/opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -start -forever

and be done with it.

Milan Babuskov