Subject RE: [firebird-support] problem on restore
Author Alan McDonald
> fb 1.5.1, fedora core
> I have a situation where, sometimes, a database that copied to another
> identical machine will only allow 1 connection, any additional attempt
> to connect just waits.
> exit the first connection and a single waiting connection
> completes the connect.
> I've done this with isql so as to eliminate client/network issues.
> Now granted that this is a database that is copied rather than backup,
> copy backup file, restore but I've had it happen with a database where
> I've done backup, restore on same machine to new name, copy to new
> machine. Nobody has connected to the restored database on the original
> machine nad it's still had this problem. I can't work out what could
> cause this, anyone?

sounds more like an OS limit to me. Have you checked the tcp permissions - I
forget what it's called in linux.