Subject Re: Database Security questions
Author mspencewasunavailable
--- In, Chuck Belanger
<phytotech@...> wrote:
> Nick:
> Any suggestions on how to search for this, i.e. how to delete the
> human-readable source from the metadata?
> I tried and could not find anything in firebird yahoo group.
> Thanks,
> Chuck Belanger
> Nick Upson wrote:
> > you can delete the human-readable source for the metadata from
> > system tables. A check of the archieves should give you the exact
> > instruction

I searched for "delete metadata source" and got some hits, but they
seemed to say you could only delete the SPs because they're compiled
and the source is only used to show to a person. I'm not sure this
is what Nick had in mind, but I did get this link to a paper by

which refers to another doc. by Geoff Worboys:

which refers to TrueCrypt: (and a couple
of other, similar packages which I haven't looked into yet).

In a nutshell, TrueCrypt allows you to mount an encrypted container
file as a disk, where you can then store your database. For my
application and its (quite small) database, the
encryption/decryption overhead doesn't seem to matter in terms of
how responsive the app. is.

A bad guy can, according to the TrueCrypt docs, hack away on the
container file until the cows come home without getting anywhere so
the database is protected when the container file isn't mounted.

The problem is that when the app is active and the device *is*
mounted, then they can just use Windows Explorer to copy the
database files and do what they'd've done were TrueCrypt not in the

So if I can just figure out how to restrict access to a disk volume
to a single process without doing some awful rootkit hack, then I
think the problem would be pretty much solved.

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.