Subject Re: Firebird 1.5 on muliti processor system?
Author Adam
> we have problems with firebird performance if one workstation prints
> reports. In the reports are querys which access the firebird database.
> Printing reduces performace of all connected users.

I assume you mean the act of running queries to get the data for the
report reduces performance rather than the printing itself?

> We were informed, that the server usese 4 processeors. Could this be
> the reason?? Do we use the wrong firebird version?

You mention nothing about the server hardware. It takes resources to
run queries, and if the I/O subsystem is not up to scratch, then the
performance is not going to just fix itself.

You have not mentioned the Firebird architecture you installed, but
for SMP machines such as this, Classic allows the different
connections to use different processors which can help for CPU bound

You will probably want to consider the query that is run by the print
job to make sure it has appropriate supporting indices. A 486 can run
a query faster than the latest quad core processors if it uses a
significantly better plan.