Subject Re: Problems using UDF and Firebird Embedded
Author Adam
--- In, "tmmcaravaca"
<tmmcaravaca@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having problems using UDF functions with Firebird Embedded.
> I can use standard functions like UPPER but not other functions
> that I need like LOWER. I'm using
> Firebird- and Java jdk-1.5.
> How can I resolve it?

UPPER is not a UDF function. It is built into the engine. LOWER is
available through ib_udf.dll, but you will need to make sure (just
like any other UDF) it has its entry point registered in the database
you intend on using it from.

I strongly suggest you get the UDF call working before you start
playing around in Firebird.conf. You should be able to register and
use the ib_udf calls with factory default settings.