Subject Re: Evaluation of Firebird 1.5 as a replacement of BDE+Paradox
Author gerardusmercator
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
> I don't now what XLA or XLL is or how this "add-on" actually works.
Does it
> execute in the same memory space as the host application? Do you do a
> LoadDLL call?

A XLL is a "special" DLL, a XLA is an add-on worksheet. Both can add
functions to Excel.
The DLL is loaded by Excel when a functions it implements is called
during the worksheet recalculation.

> separate process, then no, it can't make simutaneous embedded server
> connections to the same database as your application unless you can
> disconnect from the database in your application while you make the XLA

That would be the case.