Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error 10038
Author Tim
Hi Stefan,

Erm ... well ....

Interbase works well for us. We don't so anything sophisticated. And
this error seems to be quite rare. (googeling produced very few
results) I am not so sure it is an IB error.

And the problem does not occur at all sites.

Nevertheless - I have already been nagging for two years for us to
move to Firebird. :D

all the development work is done on Firebird. I like Firebird. Like
Interbase, it just ...... works. :D



At 11:05 12/09/2006, you wrote:

> > From the Interbase log file :
> > FORECOURT (Server) Tue Sep 05 15:36:45 2006
> > INET/inet_error: select in packet_receive errno = 10038
>As you can see here:
>error #10038 means "Socket operation on non-socket". So the InterBase
>network module tries to work with a wrong socket handle. Which looks
>like a serious bug to me.
> > Interbase
>Is there any chance you can upgrade to at least Firebird 1.0.3? It
>should be backwards compatible enough. You should even be able to just
>continue to use the .gdb file (even though I would strongly recommend
>to go through a backup & restore cycle and use another extension like
>Best Regards
>Stefan Heymann

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