Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using aritmetic operation with numeric fields in Firebird
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
20 significant digits is more than a 64 bit number, and multiplying two
NUMERIC 15, 5 means the result must be NUMERIC 30, 10, something not
even a 128-bit number would be able to!

If you have this definition because you sometimes operate with large
numbers and other times with small numbers (as opposed to all 20 digits
being significant in some cases), then I guess you could try storing in
two different fields, one for the value and one for the precision/offset
(I don't quite know the name, neither in Norwegian, English, nor Russian).

I don't know what to recommend you, just thought that since no-one has
answered you for 17 hours, I could point out that you're dealing with
really huge numbers. Firebird 1.5 cannot handle more than 64 bit
numbers, and even though I don't know, I haven't heard those limits have
changed with Firebird 2.0.


majstoru wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Firebird 2 and I have a table with a few numeric field
> which is set to NUMERIC 15, 5.
> When I need to make sam SQL statement like SELECT NumField1 *
> NumField2 (where is numeric fields are NUMERIC 15, 5) FROM Table
> I get error "Integer overflow The result of an integer operation
> caused the most significant bit of a result to query".
> I must have a Numeric number with a 5 decimal places, because of
> better precision!
> Is there another type of numeris which can I use for this operation
> or some anoter solution, OR I'm wrong :-(!
> Thans for help to all Firebird members!