Subject Re: FBCOPY - how to copy a table.
Author legrand_legrand_63

I don't know FBCOPY, but I have tested FBexport (from the same author)
that also permits to copy a table.

You should have a look at the paragraph "Pump data from one to other

You can pump data with fbexport between two databases by exporting and

Even better, since FBExport can read/write standard input/output, it
can be done directly, without intermediate file (mytable.fbx). Simple
piping ...

Did you have a look at FSQL EXPORT/IMPORT features ?


--- In, "Chris Voronin" <cv@...> wrote:
> I have 2 databases, exact same databases just one has a table that I
need to
> copy over, just one table called "REPORTS". And I just can't figure
out how
> to do that via fbcopy tool.
> Here is what I attempted:
> Fbcopy S sysdba:masterke@c:\test\from.fdb sysdba:masterke@c:\test\to.fdb
> That doesn't let me select which tables to copy and doesn't copy.
> Can someone please help me on this one? I tried online
documentation, it's
> confusing me.
> Thanks a lot,
> Chris