Subject Re: Threading (was: problems testing FB2 rc4 SS on apache PHP webserver OT)
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi again, Gary!

Gary Benade wrote:
> Hi Sven
>> First, never start a new, unrelated question by hitting reply (you
>> replied to Rick Roens question about changing field type). I chose to
>> reply to Dmitrys answer (he started a new thread) to avoid messing up
>> threading for those that use it.
> Sorry, I don't understand how that could have happened. I see my original
> message as [firebird-support] problems testing FB2 rc4 SS on apache PHP
> webserver and Dmitry's answer as Re: [firebird-support] problems
> testing FB2 rc4 SS on apache PHP webserver

That's how I suspect many view the mails - either individually or
through the yahoogroups option with a summary for every 25 mails or once
a day.

> I can't see how using the admittedly lazy but also quicker 'reply to all'
> method of opening a new topic is a problem as long as the subject line is
> changed, which I did. Again, apologies if I am missing something obvious
> here.

Every mail has a message ID that isn't normally amongst the fields you
choose to have visible in your mail. Any replies refers to this message
ID. Fine if you just see every mail separately, but it is also possible
to thread the messages using this message id so that messages belonging
together are shown together. It helps if you just want an overview of
what's new in the newsgroup and then you may dig down in subjects that
catch your attention. Intervowen subjects defeat this feature to a
varying degree (since Dmitry answered in a new thread, your one message
probably didn't bother anyone).

>> Secondly, one thing Aage told me when I started working with him and
>> InterBase (it was before Firebird was born), was that it was a bad idea
>> to specify plans explicitly. Rather, I was told to hint the optimizer.
>> I'd recommend you to modify your query like this (alternatively use +''
>> rather than +0 if the field is a char or varchar field:
> Firebird 2 handles this query fine without hints or supplied plans, but I
> will try your suggestion in future, thanks
> Gary

Glad to hear that Firebird 2 works OK with your query without any