Subject Re: [firebird-support] Change field type
Author Milan Babuskov
Rick Roen wrote:
> Unfortunately I have a bunch of dependent objects so the only way I
> can think of to correct the column type is to add another temporary
> column of the correct type, change all the dependent objects to the
> new temp field, alter the column type of the old field, change all the
> dependent object back to the original field.
> Is there some easier way to do this?

If you use FlameRobin, it isn't hard at all. You don't even need the
temporary column:

Open the table's property page and click on "Generate Rebuild Script".
It will create SQL script that DROPS and then CREATES all the
dependencies. Simply run the DROP part (which removes all dependencies),
change the column and then run the rest of it.

Milan Babuskov