Subject RE: [firebird-support] Converting from IB 7.5 dialect 1 to FB 2dialect1
Author Leyne, Sean

> How do I get this working in FB? Thanks!
> select ar.app_status, app.app_status_desc
> from (cert_applicant_results ar left outer join app_stat_code app
> on ar.org_id=app.org_id and ar.app_status=app.app_status)
> left outer join app_stat_code_order asco on ar.org_id =
> and ar.app_status = asco.app_status
> where ar.org_id = :org_id
> and ar.jnum = :jnum
> and ar.certid = :certid
> group by ar.app_status, app.app_status_desc
> order by asco.app_status_order ascending

As Svein has already pointed out this is an ambiguous statement.

But, why are you using GROUP BY?

It seems that you are really trying to use it to accomplish a DISTINCT