Subject Re: [firebird-support] Synchronize security2.fdb
Author Guido Klapperich
> The table is in the database replicated, not in the security2.fdb.
> Now that you mentioned, one could use an additional database, just for
> this purpose, in case of multiple database replication.
> I know it is not the most elegant solution, but it might work...

Yes, that's a possible solution I have also been thinking about. But
that could only work, if a user changes his password only by my app.
Then I can log the password change.
For example a user USER1 changes his password in the headquarter by my
app. I have to log, that USER1 has changed the password and I have to
log the old and the new password. Now user REPL starts the replication
from a laptop. The replication process then have to change the password
at the local security2.fdb on the laptop. Therefore the process has to
make a api call to update the password as user USER1 with the old
password and change it to the new one.
I don't really like this solution, especially that I have to store the
old and new password, but it seems to me the only way.