Subject Re: [firebird-support] Synchronize security2.fdb
Author Radu Sky
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> One idea I had a while ago to bypass the service manager.
>> Create an extra table to temporary store the user/password until
>> replication, of course decent encrypted. After table replication, the
>> password is changed by decrypting the field (via post event or kinda)
>> and the data is cleaned on both servers.
>> HTH
>> Radu
> and this extra table is not accessible. you don't have access to the
> database. The service manager will not provide such access either.
> Alan

The table is in the database replicated, not in the security2.fdb.
Now that you mentioned, one could use an additional database, just for
this purpose, in case of multiple database replication.
I know it is not the most elegant solution, but it might work...