Subject RE: [firebird-support] Synchronize security2.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
> > > I've been working on a tool for this. But I'm afraid that
> it's not real
> > > replication. You administer multiple security databases at the same
> time.
> > > You can synchronise also but passwords are not included in
> this process
> > > (only user names and details and it uses thte MIDDLENAME
> field as EMAIL
> > > instead - for alerts). You will never be able to replicate existing
> > > passwords. AFAIK
> Isn't that just some "binary" data? One should be able to read and
> store that, isn't it?
> Martijn Tonies

you no longer have direct access to the security database. All access is via
the services manager. The Services Manager does not return passwords
(encrypted or otherwise)
Can you think of a way of getting the password?