Subject Re: [firebird-support] learning recomendation please
Author Milan Babuskov
Nick Upson wrote:
> I shall shortly be working on an existing website written using
> javascript, php & firebird so I'm looking to study up on the
> javascript & php. My current knowledge level in these areas is very
> low. Most of the books I can find either don't mention any databases
> in the title or have mysql in it.
> for those that already know what I need to learn, what should I read?

Any MySQL-related documentation would do. If you use plain mysql_*
functions, just replace with appropriate ibase_* function. (I believe it
is even easier with wrappers like ADO and ezSQL, where you only change
the connection string). Just pay attention to some specific differences
like auto-increment columns vs firebird's way with generators. Also,
MySQL users tend to put logic in application (PHP code) because it lacks
powerful PSQL that Firebird has.

Milan Babuskov