Subject RE: [firebird-support] Synchronize security2.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
> We have one central db in our headquarter and several dbs on the laptops
> of our sales representatives. To synchronize the databases we use
> IBReplicator. Now I have a new request to synchronize the security
> databases as well. No problem I thought, just add the security databases
> to IBReplicator. We use FB 1.5 at the moment. Then I have read the
> release notes of FB 2.0 and realized, that this won't work with FB 2.0,
> because no remote database connection are allowed to security2.fdb.
> Exist some solutions for synchronizing the security2.fdb between
> different computers?
> Regards
> Guido

if you want to break security badly, what you could do is backup the
security database, restore it to another server, then cron/at a service
stop, file rename, service start cycle. Sounds pretty ugly to me and it;s
only one way.
Or you could look at security database mods where it stores security data in
an external table using triggers. you still will not catch the unencrypted
password though AFAIK.