Subject Re: Win2003 64Bit
Author Adam
> Is it possible to use a firebird 32bit build on a 64bit Win2003 server?

Mind you, you would probably want an AMD processor so your code is
running native x86 32 bit calls rather than going through a 32 bit
emulation layer on 64 bit.

> The only place I would see the need to go 64 bit
> > is the process memory limit (2GB), which can be worked around using
> > Classic Server.
> Can you clarify this more? thanks!

(2^(32-1))-1 = 2147483647 = 2GB.

That is the amount of RAM you can address with a signed 32 bit number.
I think there is a hack to allow you to use up to 3 GB, but that
involves a boot switch.

Remember when we went 32 bit in the first place, the idea of 2GB of
storage was huge, let alone a computer with that much RAM, let alone a
single process consuming all of it.

The superserver engine uses a single process to do everything with
different threads managing the different tasks. This allows
connections to share cache data etc. But start making a lot of
connections to a lot of different databases (managed by the same
superserver process) with large caches, and you will find that you
start to head towards this limit.

Classic resolves this because each connection gets its own process, so
with classic your limit is 2GB per connection rather than 2GB for all

The disk addressing is already 64 bit, so there is no problem with
file size under NTFS or any other modern file systems (until your file
hits a few hundred terabytes).