Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database Corruption
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:47 AM 2/09/2006, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Yestardey I had a big problem with database corruption.

What kind of database corruption? Are there any interesting messages
to indicate database corruption?

>Fedora 3.0
>Firebird 2.0 RC2
>ForcedWrites = On
>Page Buffers = 2000
>Sweep Intervale = 20000
>25-30 clients connected by ODBC driver
> >From time to time database stops (twice a week). Could not find any
>conection with actions of users and database fail. I look in LOG file
>and found 104, 32, 111 errors.

They are network errors. 104 often means a user application crashed,
or a user simply switched off his machine. 32 is a broken pipe -
faulty network hardware? 111 is connection refused - often indicates
that the server has been stopped.

>After rebooting server everything is
>Ok. Yesterday database faild about 12:00PM, the tehnician reboot the
>server (almost in a same way as power loss). After that database was
>corrupted. All data from 8:11AM was lost and it was a lot of data
>(about 80 invoices).
>Where did I go wrong?

Lost data is not a sign of a corrupt database unless you are getting
indicative messages from the server. It most likely means your
application is not committing work in a timely manner. Four hours is
far too long to keep uncommitted work hanging around.

Why are you rebooting the server? That's a fairly sure way to lose
uncommitted work....

>What can I do to stop this behaviour?

Find out what is causing it. Tell us what messages the server is
giving. Read the Bug Fixes sections of the release notes for RC3 and
RC4 to check whether a bug in Firebird might be involved.

Test a more recent beta. And don't run betas in production....