Subject Database Corruption
Author djolessy
Hi all,

Yestardey I had a big problem with database corruption.


Fedora 3.0
Firebird 2.0 RC2
ForcedWrites = On
Page Buffers = 2000
Sweep Intervale = 20000
25-30 clients connected by ODBC driver

From time to time database stops (twice a week). Could not find any
conection with actions of users and database fail. I look in LOG file
and found 104, 32, 111 errors. After rebooting server everything is
Ok. Yesterday database faild about 12:00PM, the tehnician reboot the
server (almost in a same way as power loss). After that database was
corrupted. All data from 8:11AM was lost and it was a lot of data
(about 80 invoices).

Where did I go wrong?
What can I do to stop this behaviour?

Regards Djole