Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unexpected index deletion
Author Tim
Thanks Helen.

At 10:52 31/08/2006, you wrote:

>At 05:53 PM 31/08/2006, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >We're using IB 6.x. When deactivating an index, we get the error
> >"Unexpected index deletion" in IBConsole.
> >
> >Anyone know what this is, and how to fix?
>I *think* you might be encountering that InterBase bug that (wrongly)
>doesn't stop you from deactivating a constraint support if
>the index you deactivated was named "INTEG"- something, the fix is to
>try to reactivate the index. The bug is fixed in Firebird (though
>without looking it up, I can't tell you exactly when...somewhere in
>the Fb 1.0.x era...)
>If you want to rebuild constraint indexes, you have to have exclusive
>access to the database and drop and recreate the constraints
>(dependent FK constraints first, then the PK you want to rebuild).
>Only compound PK's *ever* need rebuilding; and, if you're needing to
>do that often, you should think about replacing them with surrogates
>and putting unique indexes over the old PK keys....then you *CAN*
>rebuild them with alter index, without wrecking constraints.
>If all of this is off-beam, then try using isql to do whatever
>IBConsole is baulking about and see whether you can get a more
>revealing exception message. IBConsole is not quite the most
>brilliant piece of software around...

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