Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unexpected index deletion
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:53 PM 31/08/2006, you wrote:
>We're using IB 6.x. When deactivating an index, we get the error
>"Unexpected index deletion" in IBConsole.
>Anyone know what this is, and how to fix?

I *think* you might be encountering that InterBase bug that (wrongly)
doesn't stop you from deactivating a constraint support if
the index you deactivated was named "INTEG"- something, the fix is to
try to reactivate the index. The bug is fixed in Firebird (though
without looking it up, I can't tell you exactly when...somewhere in
the Fb 1.0.x era...)

If you want to rebuild constraint indexes, you have to have exclusive
access to the database and drop and recreate the constraints
(dependent FK constraints first, then the PK you want to rebuild).

Only compound PK's *ever* need rebuilding; and, if you're needing to
do that often, you should think about replacing them with surrogates
and putting unique indexes over the old PK keys....then you *CAN*
rebuild them with alter index, without wrecking constraints.

If all of this is off-beam, then try using isql to do whatever
IBConsole is baulking about and see whether you can get a more
revealing exception message. IBConsole is not quite the most
brilliant piece of software around...