Subject Re: FireBird installed as Superserver
Author Adam
--- In, Pawe³ Rutkowski <rutekp@...>
> Hello,
> We have Xeon 3Ghz(HT on), 1GBRam, Windows 2003 SBS, FB installed as
> Superserver - about 5 clients, and 5 different databases. Sometimes
> for data is slow, take about 10 seconds. Is there any chance, that
> installation in Classic server will be faster for queries?
> When we do some(not all) queries, cpu usage in server grow to about
80% of
> first HT.

There is indeed a chance. Classic spawns a different process for each
connection, which means that statistically the windows task scheduler
will place a Firebird related task on the CPU more frequently than if
the work was done by different threads of the same process. There is a
small chance (although I doubt with only 5 clients) that the
additional CPU time allocated to Firebird will be counter productive
as other tasks are starved.

Given that your users do not appear to be sharing a database (seems
1:1 from your description), there would be no benefit of a common
cache. Certainly if multiple physical processors are involved, classic
can deliver an excellent performance boost.

Why not try it, and if it does not help, change back. You are
measuring the switch in seconds, so it should not be difficult to find
a suitable downtime.