Subject Re: How to hide the isql text-window
Author Adam
> Hi all!
> I'm executing a programmed task (using windows scheduler) and I invoke
> isql.exe to execute a stored procedure on a timed basis each 10
> minutes. The problem is that the guy that uses the computer for his
> own work, complains about the text command-line windows that flickers
> on his screen, every 10 minutes. How can I hide this window?
> Greetings, Marcelo.

It depends on the flavour of Windows you are using. You may be able to
execute the scheduled task as a different user and it won't pop up in
your session, you could even give it its own dedicated username.

Failing that, there may be something on the shortcut properties that
can help.

If all else fails, most connection components I have seen have the
ability to execute a script through one of its classes, so you may be
able to write your own application that runs without a window, or even
as a simple service independent of the task scheduler.