Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to stop the Firebird service on Linux
Author Milan Babuskov
max_nivek wrote:
> I'm somewhat embarrased to pose this question, but I am having some
> difficulty. I am running Firebird 1.5 on RedHat Enterprise and do not
> know how to halt just the Firebird database engine. Currently to halt
> the engine, I am having to stop the xinetd service (Firebird is an
> xinetd based service), which is not desirable.
> So, how do I simply stop the database engine only, such that it is no
> longer accepting connections? Thank you.

Stopping is one thing, preventing further connections is another.

To stop the server, you need to disconnect the clients or (if that does
not work) use kill(1) or killall(1).

To prevent new connections you need to tell xinetd not to accept them.
There are at least two ways to do it:

1. Each distribution has its way of enabling the service. On Slackware,
one would edit /etc/xinetd.conf, on some other distro you could edit
files in /etc/xinetd.d or something else (I think Debian/Ubuntu uses
dpkg-reconfigre xinetd or something like that).

After the edit, you need to restart the xinetd to load new
configuration. It usually takes only a second:

/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

2. Other way, which should work on all distros is to add firebird server
to /etc/hosts.deny file, and simply deny connection from all hosts. You
don't need to edit xinetd for this.

Milan Babuskov