Subject Re: [firebird-support] Correct Page Size for the database.
Author ian
Martin Dew wrote:
> Can someone point me in the direction of any articles on setting up the
> page size of my DB correctly.

Specifically, no.

I have tried searching the release docs
> and online articles but cannot seem to find anything.

The only place I have encountered it, is on an Oracle DBA course, so you
could try Oracle sites.

> Currently using 4096 and wondering if we should be using something else
> to improve performance.
This is bound to upset some-one, but the main points from the Oracle DBA
courses are the need to balance block size with data retrieval. I
suspect that this becomes less important as disks become faster and
available memory increases. For reference, MS SQLServer is fixed at 8k.

At Oracle, were told the minimum should be 4k and the maximum 32k. Use
small block sizes for transaction based systems, where there will be
many reads and writes, but each involves only a small amount of data,
frequently just one record and use large block sizes where large amounts
of data are handled, as in reporting and data-warehousing.

If your database is predominantly either transactional or
data-warehousing, then choose a block size near to the appropriate
limit. If you have a multi-purpose database, then you should perhaps
choose a compromise value in the middle of the range.