Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Connection through internet?
Author Uwe Grauer
skander_sp wrote:
> --- In, Uwe Grauer <mailinglists@...>
> wrote:
>> skander_sp wrote:
>>> I try to conenct to a remote server through internet (opening the 3050
>>> port in the router) and addressing with the internet IP.
>>> The connection it's ok, but the program hang then, and remote server
>>> do same...
>>> i'm using IBO components, and events for know database changes, and
>>> work pretty fine in local and lan.
>>> Some thread or forum about internet connection and tricks?
>>> Waiting some light... thks.
>>> Alejandro.
>>> (Delphi + IBO components)
>> Do you use events?
>> If so, that's blocked by your router.
> any way to no-block the router? I only open the 3050 port.
> Any other or any solution for this? only dissable events?

Quote from firebird-general: (a message from Paul Beach)

An event is posted via a random port not 3050, unless you set the
following in the firebird.conf file. This can cause issues with

>From the firebird.conf file

# The TCP Port Number to be used for server Event Notification
# messages. The value of 0 (Zero) means that the server will choose
# a port number randomly.
# Type: integer
#RemoteAuxPort = 0