Subject RE: [firebird-support] POST_EVENT race conditions?
Author Alan McDonald
> Running FBv1.53 db.
> One of my tables has an after insert trigger that contains a POST_EVENT.
> Running on the same server as my database is an NT service that wakes
> up in response to the event (I'm using IBO v4.3Aa) and retrieves all
> the recent rows. Each row contains a timestamp and I ask for all rows
> added in the last 5 minutes.
> The problem: Sometimes, when I respond to the event the most recent
> row is not returned even though I know it must have been added in
> order to post the event. I've checked my code + logic and cannot find
> anything wrong, so the only thing I can think of is that my service is
> responding before FB has time to fully write/index/? the record. I
> think this is unlikely, but I cannot think of anything else.
> Is that remotely possible? My server is a dual opteron,(FB
> affinity=1) if that makes any difference to the timing aspects.

possible? no - things would be unbearable and chaotic the world of datbases
if it were so.
I'd say - keep looing at your code...
things to check:
query text, parameters, you say rows in teh last five minutes... look at
that logic closely. whose five minutes? is the timestamp a client timestamp
or server? are you expressing the 5 minutes correctly

> Thanks
> David