Subject Re: Database grows fast - What's taking up space
Author ttt_emh
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

> When I multiply the Pages Allocated figure from Show Database in isql
> by the page size of the database I get exactly the same numbers as
> the on-disk size of the database file.
> Where are you getting your numbers from?
I got the numbers from IBExpert which internally uses gstat I believe.
When I use 'show database' I can come up with the correct size on disk.

> gstat -a will give you a snapshot of pages allocated and fill
> percentages, table by table. You could work out a way to keep stats
> from this, e.g. by recording the numbers right after a restore and
> then periodically afterwards, to see where your main growth areas
> are. The differences between one freshly-restored version and
> previous ones should provide a pattern from which you can estimate
> overall growth.

I have tried this with 3 backups from the last month. I looked at the
'Data pages' mostly. This tells me that the table in question grew by
13000 pages. The growth in pages for all tables is around 22000. When
I look at the databases with 'show database' the total number of pages
grew from around 200000 to 470000. I'm trying to explain this
difference because it seems out of sync to me.