Subject Re: Is there transaction logging in FireBird?
Author David Rushby
--- In, Vlad Orlovsky <vmo3d@...> wrote:
> I'm using embedded Firebird for my .NET 2.0 project
> and was wondering if there is a 'transaction log' that
> is kept inside the .fdb file?
> If so, is there a way to turn off transaction logging
> from .NET 2.0 provider or inside the SP?
> The reason I ask is because I use some tables to
> temporary store A LOT of data and I'm not using
> transactions in those cases.

It sounds as if you're using at least part of your database as a
staging area for temporary data that could be automatically recreated
if (e.g.) the power went out and the temporary data were corrupted/lost.

If you can isolate the portions of your data for which transactional
integrity is not essential into a separate database, you can then turn
off forced writes in the temp database to sharply reduce disk
utilization. Depending on what operations you're performing, that can
yield a big speed boost.

The forced writes setting can be controlled programmatically via the
Services API.