Subject Re: Problem with Firebird over Internet
Author thecrgrt
--- In, "Matze" <matze@...> wrote:
> Hello.
> I have an application which connects to a Firebird Server over LAN.
This is
> very fast and everything works.
> Now I tried to connect this application to my Firebird Server over the
> Internet. Now this is very slow an the application freezes often when
> refreshing Data or executing a Query.
> In my connection statisitk I can see, that my Internetconnection is not
> that much. So this is not the bottleneck.
> I also tried ZeBeDee but this doen't impove the speed a lot.
> Now what is the reason that Firebird is that slow over the Internet ?
> Thanks for your Help !
> Matthias Feist
> PS: I'm using the current ZEOS version to connect to Fireird.

I think multi-tiered can be sovled this problem, since it's also designed
based on this problem.

I've used dial line with 9.6K to test my app, there are no problem.