Subject Re: Recurring database corruption
Author Adam
--- In, Chris Wallis <cwallis@...>
> I'm hoping that someone can give me ideas on the cause of recurring
> corruption on a Firebird 1.5.2 database. We've used Interbase, and
> Firebird for over 10 years, and it has been a stable, dependable
> Within the last three months, I've had more problems with database
> corruption than in the previous 10 years. "What's different?" I ask
> There are two new programmers hitting the database via PHP. That's
the only
> significant difference that I'm aware of. The errors after
> tonight are:
> Summary of validation errors
> Number of index page errors : 6
> Number of database page errors : 3
> reported from IBExpert. The database validated with no errors less
than 5
> days ago.
> I've checked the disk at a software level (this happens to be on a
> system, but we also use Linux) and everything checks out, so I'm
> that there is some other problem, perhaps related tto the PHP
stuff, which I
> don't control.
> I've never had these kinds of problems before, and now I'm having
to rebuild
> the database weekly. The hardware is relatively modern, even if the
O/S is
> not. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Is it the same hardware which you are encountering corruption these 9
times? If so it might be time to run some hardware validation tools
(start with RAM testing). Is forced writes enabled?