Subject Re: XP standby mode: SQL connection was lost
Author b404_r66
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> >Is there a way to auto-reconnect safely?
> The server has no way to predict what users or applications are
> to do. It doesn't have any way to know how the NOS has been
> configured, either. Some programming interfaces provide ways to
> protect applications from neglectful users and give the user the
> *impression* that he is carrying on where he left off before
> lunch. If you're not using an interface layer that has such
> capabilities, then your users are at the mercy of your network and
> its administrator.
> ./heLen
thanks for your replay. That's what I already expected. Indeed some
systems have a save resume (like samba connections). But most client
server systems, which are holding open transactions, file locks,
sessions keys, email notifier et cetera are doomed in standby mode.
Okay, then i don't have to spend more time into investigating that and
simply recommend: Don't use standby or hibernation mode with my client
server application.