Subject Re: Problem with Firebird over Internet
Author peppino_behnke
Hi Michael,

there is no chance until you you change from 2-tier to 3-tier. It's
simple done either with DCOM or for example Borlands MIDAS or might be
for linux with CORBA.
The main reason for the slow speed i'ts not the size of data's to
transfer (therefore ZeBeDee dos'nt help) but instead the communication
between the FB drivers for every sql statement.
We use very succesfully ASTA from
If you need more information feel free to send me a e-mail



--- In, "Matze" <matze@...> wrote:
> Hello.
> I have an application which connects to a Firebird Server over LAN.
This is
> very fast and everything works.
> Now I tried to connect this application to my Firebird Server over the
> Internet. Now this is very slow an the application freezes often when
> refreshing Data or executing a Query.
> In my connection statisitk I can see, that my Internetconnection is
not used
> that much. So this is not the bottleneck.
> I also tried ZeBeDee but this doen't impove the speed a lot.
> Now what is the reason that Firebird is that slow over the Internet ?
> Thanks for your Help !
> Matthias Feist
> PS: I'm using the current ZEOS version to connect to Fireird.