Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: IN clause - using static values vs table values
Author Gary Benade
> Adam wrote,
> A couple of hundred is OK, although it hits the index for EACH member.
> You will have problems if you try with 1500 though.
> It does not make sense to delete from a join. You can do
> delete from sometable where ID in (select ID from sometable join ....)

Adam, sorry if I keep hammering on the same point, but say I had 1500 items
in my list. Would it be more efficient to use a hard coded IN clause where
the index gets hit once per item, or would it be better to use the DELETE
FROM X WHERE Y IN( SELECT ....) method.
I would assume that firebird would have to do more work in the second case
by having to generate the list that I would have supplied as part of the
query, and in the process also generating index hits. I guess there is
additional work involved in parsing the IN clause in the case of DELETE FROM
X WHERE Y IN(1,2,3), but is it more work than in the first case?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated