Subject Re: [IBPP-DISCUSS] [firebird-support] FB Embedded on Linux without need for root account
Author Micha Feigin
On Sat, 15 Jul 2006 12:50:39 +0200
Milan Babuskov <milanb@...> wrote:

> michf@... wrote:
> >>
> >
> > I worked with it a bit to get it to work, and a few straces later and
> > several file not found errors I found out that at least on my machine you
> > need to also create an empty run directory.
> I'm not sure what do you mean "empty run directory". You mean you had to
> create directory named "run" or something like that?

yes, create a directly named run. The program tried to access the lock file in
it before trying to access the lock manager according to strace. It fails with
the following exception message:

Connecting to database test.fdb
*** IBPP::SQLException ***
Context: Database::Connect
Message: isc_attach_database failed

SQL Message : -902
Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
successful execution of subsequent statements

Engine Code : 335544373
Engine Message :
operating system directive open failed
No such file or directory

> What Linux distribution (and version) are you using?

Debian unstable, libfbembed version

> > On the other hand, why is all the fuss with the password file if you can
> > simply import you own password file whenever you work with the embeded
> > server.
> Import from where? Anyway, there isn't any fuss about it in my article,
> I only wrote that you need to have a copy of it.

You need to have a copy, but if you want to access a database that you have
access to the file you can just bring with you your own password file to use so
you don't need to know the local passwords.

> > Wouldn't it be simpler and lighter all around to just allow for an
> > empty/default username/password? (it would also save the 600K extra file in
> > the directory).
> This is a question for Firebird developers.