Subject Re: How to start Firebird server, and how to connect (on Linux)?
Author Adam
> No, they don't. The installer is one that asks (or not). And that
> accross various versions of installers and Firebird.
> > Have you checked??
> > /opt/firebird/SYSDBA.password
> Debian/Ubuntu have their own packages (.deb format) in order to get
> integrated with their package system (similar to RedHat's .rpm adopted
> by RedHat, SuSE, Mandriva and some others).
> You probably didn't read the entire discussion

You are right, because it doesn't make sense to me. I gave up on
Ubuntu after it didn't like my wireless network card (froze during
login) and expected me to edit conf files and daemons to share a
locally attached printer.

I should quote my sources though, Firebird Quick Start Guide, p11:

Default user name and password

The SYSDBA user has all privileges on the server. Depending on
version, OS, and architecture, the
installation program will either

• install the SYSDBA user with the password masterkey (actually,
masterke: characters after
the eighth are ignored), or

• ask you to enter a password during installation, or

• generate a random SYSDBA password and store that in

I wasn't aware of any Linux distros that defaulted to masterke, and
thought that was more of a windows thing.

I was simply going for the obvious one. Turns out not to be the case.