Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reserved words and Procedures
Author Woody
From: "Thomas Miller" <tmiller@...>
> Thanks for the feedback. The senior programmer made things easy on me
> by telling me to change the reserved words. Again this is a move from
> IB 7.5 to FB 2.0 and we are trying to minimize any changes do the DDL
> (there for minimizing changes to our code base).


If it will help, I wrote a small utility app that I use for my own
personal stuff. It's a search/replace utility that will look inside of PAS
files as well as DFM files so I can make global changes to things. I use it
all the time to search for things when I forget where they are. :) Also, if
I have to make a change to a global constant name or even a field name, I
can use it to get a list of all files where that information appears.

It's definately not "professional" grade but it serves my own purposes
well. I'd be more than happy to share it with you if you think you might
need it to make global field name changes or at least find out where they
are in your code/form files.

Email me privately if you would like to take a look to see if you can use
it or not.

Woody (TMW)