Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reserved words and Procedures
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Double quotes.

In theory, I think you can keep all of the names by double quoting,
though I would have thought twice before doing so. One 'side effect' of
double quoting is that things become case sensitive, so if you've
referred to something as Date() somewhere in your procedures or selects
and you create a procedure "DATE", then referring to "Date" will not work.

Moreover, not long ago someone had problems with some strange double
quoted fieldname and IBO. I don't know what it was, if it was his
mistake or IBO's, but I could imagine that double quoting "DATE" or
"DAY" would make some database connection components get into trouble.
Hence, rather than doublequoting the names, I'd recommend you to prefix
or suffix them, e.g. 'CREATE PROCEDURE ib_day'. That should avoid case
sensitivity problems and the possible connectivity problem above and
will probably not be any more work than double quoting everything.


Thomas Miller wrote:
> My continuing saga of moving a database from IB 7.5 to FB2
> There are a hand full of procedure that mimic many of Delphi's basic
> DateTime subroutines.
> One procedure is even called "DAY". Many of the return variables are
> called "DAY", "MONTH", and "YEAR".
> How much of this stuff can I keep by quoting them? Is it single quotes
> or double quotes? Suggestions welcome.
> Thanks for you input.