Subject index and foreigner key
I use Windesign so as to create database model and then generate the sql
script "create database...".

i run the script to create my database on firebird, it is OK.

when i look to a table of the database , i have 2 index for the same
field in case of that field is a foreigner key of another table.
for exemple :
- codecountry is primary key field of a table called "listcountries".
- codecountry is used as a foreigner key in another table called

why in "infocountries" indices i have 2 indices for the field codecountry ?
first indice is : I_infocountries_codecountry, so the indice for the field
second indice is : I_FK_infocountries_codecountry, so the indice for
the foreigner key field, witch is the same !

must i keep the 2 indices ?
thanks for your help and sorry for my low knowledge in firebird.