Subject Re: [firebird-support] Please Help ---> Security.Fdb Damaged
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:33 AM 2/08/2006, you wrote:
>SERVER (Server) Tue Aug 01 15:26:37 2006
> internal gds software consistency check (Non-zero use_count of a
>buffer in the empty que (301))
>What this mean ?

Generically, an "internal gds software consistency check" occurs when
the database engine encounters a situation that it doesn't know how
to handle. It tries to provide clues as to where the inconsistency
is occurring.

In this case you know that the inconsistency is occurring in your
security database. I've never heard of a consistency check problem
in security.fdb in a Fb 1.5 release version before.

The auxiliary message seems to suggest that it involves events. This
is a guess, based on nothing but the clue that the error text repeats
the same spelling error that is used in the names of the events symbols.

Considering that there are no triggers or stored procedures in the
security database, either

a) My guess about events is wrong; or
b) You have added your own triggers or SPs to security.fdb
c) You have done some other custom modification in security.fdb that
is causing an unhandled error

Another possibility is that you are using some old beta version of
Firebird 1.5.

Have you tried restoring your security.fdb from a backup? If you
don't take backups of security.fdb, then you can restore a new
(empty) security.fdb from the security.fbk backup that is supplied in
Firebird's root directory. Of course, you will have to redefine all
your users and passwords with this solution.