Subject Re: Web dev
Author Adam
--- In, "Dion" <27824912424@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using MS Visual Web Dev Express 2005, and want to connect my
web app to
> a FB database. I will be using .Net 2. Which drivers should I load, and
> where are they available(free). I am using FB v2 Super Server.

Any reason you feel the need to use a beta version of Firebird before
you are familiar with the basics of connecting to a firebird database
from your programs? I doubt your feedback will be useful to Firebird
until you are able to get it to work with 1.5.3 and demonstrate how 2
does not behave as it should.

Get it working with FB 1.5.3 first. There is a .NET driver which you
can find through the main Firebird website, and a newsgroup dedicated
to the .net driver.

>Also, are
> there any articles dealing with optimally configuring FB for this
type of
> app?

You have given no information about the type of app, other than the
development tool you wish to use and the engine version you intend to
use. No information about the number of users you expect, the size and
number of tables, the hardware it will be run on, etc. Start by not
changing anything, and if you notice a problem, then you will be in a
better situation to explain your environment and providing your
explanation is detailed enough, suggestions for settings that may be
beneficial will be given.