Subject Re: writing firebird applications in linux
Author Adam
> I notice there are many components for writing applications for
firebird, but
> most of them are for window only and more often for Delphi. There
are Linux
> admin tools but you can not write applications using them.
> But it appears firebird is also widely installed under linux/unix. I
am curious
> how applications are written for linux/firebird. Do they use
embedded sql or
> call isc_ api directly? Or use jdbc? or just as a remote database server
> listening to tcp/ip ports?

Linux servers are popular because they are reasonably stable,
reasonably secure and cost less in licence costs. A windows client can
connect to a linux server.

I don't really understand what your question is asking, because admin
tools are not programming languages. You can't write a program in an
admin tool on Windows either.

As far as writing applications in linux, you have lots of options,
java, php, .NET (using Mono), python, even using the API with C, etc,
you may be able to use Wine to run a windows app under linux, or you
certainly can use one of the remote desktop clients to connect to a
windows terminal server and run your native windows application within
terminal services.