Subject Re: [firebird-support] writing firebird applications in linux
Author Fabio Gomes
I Write PHP applications that runs on Linux, and also python, yes python can
use Firebird database with the Kinterbasdb module.

Currently i have a PHP software running on Linux (Apache) and we have
another linux software that was written on Clipper 5.2 and converted to
linux using Flagship (clipper compiler for linux), and as this is a terminal
based software, i wrote a python application that exports that Data from the
linux DataBase (.DBF file) into the firebird DataBase with it i can have a
graphical interface to manage reports, charts, etc.

I m also starting a new software that uses C# and .NET and we plan to port
this to Linux later on using Mono, but still all tests i ve done with Mono
and Firebird on Linux gave me headaches, so we are currently waiting for
mono to have a better support for .NET 2.0, Windows Forms and DataBinding,
so we can port the software to linux as we did with the Clipper version.

It can be a shock for you guys but a lot of people here in Brazil still use
software written in clipper.. why? cause it runs on older hardware and
people are scared when you mention "buy a new computer".

On 7/27/06, bill_lam <bill_lam@...> wrote:
> I notice there are many components for writing applications for
> firebird, but
> most of them are for window only and more often for Delphi. There are
> Linux
> admin tools but you can not write applications using them.
> But it appears firebird is also widely installed under linux/unix. I am
> curious
> how applications are written for linux/firebird. Do they use embedded sql
> or
> call isc_ api directly? Or use jdbc? or just as a remote database server
> listening to tcp/ip ports?
> --
> regards,
> bill

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