Subject Re: [firebird-support] Replace RH9 with ?
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 26/07/2006 21:16, Nick a dit :
> I've recently received an email telling me that RedHat support via Fedora
> support will end shortly
> Along with Fedora Core 1 & 2. I have a client currently using firebird 1.5
> on RH9, I need to make a reccomendation about the platform he should move
> to. As firebird is almost the only thing running on the machine I thought
> that the best unix flavour should be the base one used for firebird testing
> and development although I don't know what that is.
Just to inform you and despite it is not yet official, but Mandriva is
soon releasing their Corporate Server 4 distro and on the same time,
their will be an official Firebird 2.0 package that will be available as
additional software for this version.
Mandriva Corporate Server is the sell with support from Mandriva and the
Firebird will be supported by IBPhoenix.

So if you need an 5-year Product Maintenance, professional support,
Mandriva will be a good choice.

Of course, the package will be also available from Cooker.